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BUST’EM can be custom fit any shape or size hunting boat, but has chosen a select group of models with the best layout and the best functionality from various manufacturers to offer brand new, out the door and ready to hunt boat/blind platforms. Our all-welded, light steel and aluminum frames combined with the hard-rubber QuietHideTM shell made of TPO can take any punishment your duck-hunting dishes out. Welded wire fencing covers all surfaces and allows the best camo that will stay in place while traveling. Get ready for some “in your face” action when the overhead BUST’EM COVERS keep you hidden till you spring into action. And all of this can be unbolted and lifted off for the fishing season.

Call about select boat models that can be paired easily with our system:

  • Lowe Roughneck 1860 Waterfowl
  • Lowe Roughneck 2070 Waterfowl
  • G31860 DK
  • Other makes/models in development


QuietHIDE™ Hard Rubber Shell

Lightweight yet durable panels conceal hunters and dogs, keeping sounds and movement concealed while protecting you from harsh weather conditions. Panel edges are cut in a ‘saw-tooth’ pattern to further disguise lines and edges from waterfowl.


Most Functional Shooting Flap On The Market

BUSTE’M Covers with Gas-Assist opening provide complete overhead concealment, improved visibility, and the easiest, hands-free opening ever invented! With just a bump from a gun barrel, hand, or head and the magnetic catch is triggered to open the Cover smoothly in approx.1.2 seconds. The Covers unique patent-pending design also allows it to be stowed down inside the blind where the gas shock holds it in place and out of the way


Galvanized Wire Mesh Covering

A mesh overlay is securely attached to the tubular frame beneath the hard shell and allows easy use of natural and artificial materials for maximum adaptive camouflaging. Camo materials will stay in place even when trailered or in rough use.


Integrated Dog Door and Ladder

Wide enough for the biggest retrievers, and assisted by a gas shock, the dog door can be hunting in a UP or closed position The integrated dog ladder with easy stow keeps the ladder out of the way until you’re ready for action. The ladder is all aluminum with Hydro-Turf steps and safety fence and is attached to the blind with removable spring pins.


Side-Console Conversions (applicable models only)

A cockpit design w/ backward hinging access door allows the driver full access to the helm station. The cockpit then allows for safe, stable driving from a standing or seated position.

Standard Features
  • Custom, made to fit, all-welded frame of tubular light steel with durable, flat black epoxy coating
  • Durable, weatherproof QuietHide hard rubber TPO shell
  • Galvanized Wire Mesh covering all surfaces for adaptive camouflaging
  • Two (2) 4’ Side Cargo Doors with gas-assist opening
  • Split Front Door
  • Two (2) hinged Transom Flaps
  • Four(4) welded D-Rings for lifting/hoisting and all mounting hardware required for installation/removal
  • Three (3) overhead BUST’EM COVERS with adjustable height and magnetic triggers for hands-free opening. Covers are also removable.

Optional Features
  • A single color of choice (Exterior paint on blind)
  • Multi-color, Camo Pattern color of choice (Exterior paint on blind)
  •  Dog Door with hydra-lift
  • Integrated Aluminum Dog Ladder
  • Side Console Conversion (necessary for side console boats)
  • Additional BUST’EM COVERS installed
  • Bulk Raffia grass with purchase of blind
  • Other Custom Fabrication


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